How to Change Your Life. Bonds. Bonding.

Each human being is born with a bond with which to reach what they want the most, but sometimes, our wants confuse us and take us to our destruction.
We may bond with ambition, or lewd, other bonds or connections are with science, technology or pure fantasies.
There are some who think that they have to bond with life and they bond with poetry, good values and commitment.
While others bond with the submissive silence.
Some bond with the light of the day, and others, on the contrary, bond with the night.
Some bond with the smile and others with sadness.
Everything is possible, feasible, but what is not acceptable is to bond to nothing. The one who looks at his bond and denies the embrace, comes to be worse than the blind person, because he does not see because he does not want to, he cannot feel because he does not want to, he does not want to love or be loved, does not want to feel the warmth in his skin.
Poor person, who will accompany him? who will tell him something? If it is not science, or poetry, it is only the emptiness of a lost life.
If you have your bond, take it, use it, otherwise, the day may come when life will not smile at you and your bond will only trap the emptiness and in that emptiness you will have to live.

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