When We Tie, We Chain Ourselves. When We Untie..

Life, as we all know is wonderful, so much that we often forget this reality, until suddenly life teaches us that the wonder can be lost, corrupted, destroyed, become exhausted and stop being wonderful and fantastic.  Then, perhaps it will be too late and without a possible comeback. And in that minute of loss,  heaven and earth open at the same time. And we will ask ourselves, how is it possible that we have not taken good care and protected something so important ?

 Before going to extremes, let’s take action, to improve, to discover, to appreciate our environment and our own humanity. The environment -we included- is actually everything, that not only surrounds us but also sustains and also preserves, contains and maintains us. We have got used, mistakenly, to have a certain sense of responsibility to what we have in front of us but the true man looks also and increasingly until he sees no frontiers.

Until he knows , discovers and is able to reveal, that life is all and that all is one. And in that one, is where life integrates universally , and also unites , loves , looks after , improves and manifests . All this is by virtue of a communion without exclusion . With no other science but the preference of living , of being , feeling and knowing a simple and natural truth. The existence is like a ring , a perfect and wonderful circle where the all and the nothing work always, as the reason and the proper condition of a perfect equilibrium called Life, which implies and applies that, what is done here, is also done in the universe.

When we tie, we chain ourselves, when we untie, we liberate. The frontiers only exist as intermediate steps of the stair of Life, which travels in itself, just as the infinite does in time. And time is its mother. And its Father is the eternity. 




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