The Benefits of Meditation. For Reflection.

When we experience a deeper meditation we not only discover calm and silence but also understanding, sensibility and creativity. Since, when we meditate we don’t close the doors to the world, just the opposite happens since we unite more to it but in a special way, deeper and perfect. Since the calm and the silence guide us to regions of love and forgiveness, where we become better persons and also more loving since we develop the peace that gives wisdom and humility.
Therefore we will be renovated , young, of eternal spirit. Because we are in the process of discovering the value of recognizing and appreciating. In that way meditation unites us to the path of Love and spiritual life.




One thought on “The Benefits of Meditation. For Reflection.

  1. Yes, meditation, especially concentration meditation develops calm, however meditation can also appear to intensify whatever feelings are around.

    This is ok as long as meditation is not thought of as an escape from life’s problems rather than a way of working with and gaining insight into the emotions that currently bind us.

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