The Inner Self. For Reflection.

The man who loves Truth looks for in meditation  not only for his self, but mainly for his Creator.
For this reason, the meditation is a foundation and necessary basis, which is indispensable  in order to recognize our personal relationship with God.
However, we will not conclude of meditation as the goal but as a path of inspiration and knowledge which will have to be taken as the direct experience and practice of the daily living.
The spiritual man….the inner self…is never far away from nature,
this means: a daily practice of the fraternal coexistence
of the conscious love, completely spontaneous where the whole universe is honored as an statement of the love of his Creator to His creature.
Nothing will take the man away from the eternal reality of being one in the commitment of the constant perfection, in the humility of service, which responds to the conscious meditation that elevates us to the necessary level in universal communion where all the existent is always reason for mercy, understanding, respect, unity, in the presence of Divine Love, because of Divine Love and for Divine Love.


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