Man’s Destiny. The Essential Goal.

Truth calls the soul just as the light announces a new day . Man needs the sincere practice of the spiritual path , which is neither dogma nor knot or tie. On the contrary , it is a friendly hand and it is advice for the heart with the purpose of awakening the presence of the purest reality .
Love, Peace and happiness are the essential goal which sould be lived day by day because all the universe is a garden that God has cultivated for the realization of the indwelling truth of life.
We all are called to the purity and the unity of love. The wisdom transmitted is as the light of the stars at the night , which guides the traveler by the sea of life until his arriving to the safe lands of progress, understanding and the tender, Eternal divine Love.

Man´s destiny is to have freedom to Love because as well as the flowers give their aroma, in the same way , man has to have the experience of living in the fullness of the spirit and to express what is kept secretly in the mystery of his essence and in the depth of his heart.





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