Friendship. Loyalty. Spiritual Happiness.

In truth, Love is born, every day and every instant, strengthened in the union of worlds, sometimes so different, so seemingly distant, but however, requiring each other.
There is no life if Love has not been lived, there is no present moment if the heart has not been shared.
There is a wonderful world and a wonderful universe that offer us the opportunity, the tender and sensitive texture of love, of consideration, affection and compassion, in all their wonderful range of manifestations. What great opportunitylife is!
How grateful we have to be to the Creator ! And what a wonderful commitment is the one of living! Let’s not leave this, in illusions neither in thoughts , let’s make reality the poetry and the intention, let’s not leave a hand empty, let’s not allow the look to get lost, let’s not forget the smile, let’s not stop the beating of the heart.

May life be expressed as two wings furrowing the sky. May our spirit touch the horizon. May the hug and the kiss become real, and not be left for tomorrow or never. May the treasure of dreams become reality and may we see in our fellow men the call to friendship, to loyalty, to spiritual happiness, because of Love we are, and to Love, we belong. And from now on with the stability of a heart that may expand, let’s make of the world our home, eternity’s good, for the glory of true Love.






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