How to Overcome Our Weaknesses and Find Strength.

The spiritual life is integral and sustains, cures, modifies and improves all the areas of the human being. For this to happen, of course, is necessary to dedicate time and attention, in order to have the optimal and most appropriate resources, to overcome and transform every type and grade of limitation, that is to say:
The lack of knowledge is a limitation. The misinformation is a limitation. The excesses are limitations. The deficiency is a limitation. The lack of purpose is a limitation. The lack of interest is a limitation. The lack of responsibility is a limitation. The lack of humility is a limitation. And thus, we can find many forms of negation and each one will have to do with the knowledge and applied use.
 It is easy to become enthusiastic in both opposites and to tire out or to lose confidence and stability and not to have self understanding. Confusing, then, the priorities and to walk in life as a disoriented person. Even worse, as a person who lives in negation of himself and his actions.
The limitations cover many aspects. and are like a plague that comes to society and becomes a center of destruction. Mainly, when the limitations belong to the psycho-emotional health, by example, people who use drugs. These persons, self limit themselves, creating dependency.

In addition, they have lost hope and they live locked up in the limits of passion, vanity and pride.
In order to overcome the limits, man needs to revive his spiritual values. The key is found in having confidence and friendship towards what is good and healthy. And to do this as a discipline of life, not like a load, but like a practical doctrine, in which he works to make specific, direct, and immediate goals, in order not to feel alone or abandoned. Also, to make future goals where he will reach success and achievement, that will bring mental sanity. The only limits of man, are found when he does not know: Love, charity, surrender, and service. But when these virtues of life, are applied, man retakes life and leaves beyond distrust, getting stronger every day in a spiritual path of peace and progress. In God, we find our strength. And in the heart of man, the possibility of reaching it.



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