Your Voice. Short Inspirational Story.

An icy wind showed in front of me and fiercely said:
-I am going to freeze you.
And it blew with great strength and everything froze around me. Nevertheless, nothing happened to me.
Then, it got angry and called out for other potencies and a burning fire showed and with menacing voice shouted in a delirious way:
-I am going to consume you with a burning fire and not even your ashes will be left.
Then, it rushed towards me, surrounded me but nothing happened.
And the fire tried again and it seemed that it was going to prevail over the earth but nothing happened to me.
Then, many beasts of every type came and spilled their venom; each new one was even more violent and tried very hard to harm me. I felt their claws, their howling, their shouting but in spite of everything, nothing happened to me.
And it happened that the same satan came and howled and shouted louder than the others, and I was surrounded by armies who stood in front of me. But nothing happened to me. After some time, they left and not even one stayed. And I wondered: “How is possible that nothing happened to me? I don’t have any power”
And I heard a voice, a very tender voice that gave me the total explanation in a few words. And the voice said:
 ” The reason is that I Love you.!” 
Mystic Healing Art by Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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