The Wounded Heart. For Reflection

Man is a very complex being, who in most occasions, does not understand himself. It is very important to overcome the limits that are within ourselves.
These are ghosts that seriously tend to materialize and when this happens, then, -unfortunately- is too late.
That man had a great, magnificent and wonderful illusion. He had an easy laugh and hundreds of fantasies would pass through his mind. It seemed that he was in love. His couple was a flower for him and she also meant his whole universe, she was so important that he saw through her eyes. And because of her, his enamored heart would go on beating. He was the valley and she was the mountain. He was darkness and she was light, so much light that he could not see anything but her. Then, something happened: They were together and she confused his name. She did not do it because of infidelity or for wrong doing, but she called him the name that she used to call her favorite toy when she was a child. But he did not understand and the incident turned his light of illusion into violent fire that burned all his being. And his love became the ghost of jealousy, and doubt and rage came into his heart .Those feelings started living in him like furious animals. Jealousy was growing more and more in that obsessive and angry mind and his passion became a very sick feeling. He began to follow and investigate her. His mind, his dream turned into a mountain, that was too heavy to carry. It seemed like lead. And he would think: ” She is mine and nobody else”
Their next meetings were more and more tense and his need to reclaim and doubt, turned the relationship into a nightmare. And he would say: ” You are lying, you are deceiving me. You don’t love me” And she became his victim and he became full of inner monsters because his mind was a battlefield. It was a flower against a sword. An angel against a demon. And a drop of water against the desert. The dreams and poetry became salt and vinegar. His heart would no longer was laughing but crying and cursing. This is the way of obsession that leads to lack of reflection and turns us into miserable slaves. The human mind is easy prey to confusion. And that man turned the relationship in a military machinery. Then, the day came that she wanted him to react and because of this, she tried to leave him, because he was no longer the one she used to know. And that insane mind became uncontrollable and desperate. And to his eyes and ears it meant that his beloved was no longer his possession. He felt that he was his owner, his master, a powerful god and she was his creation. There was, in fact,  a curse in the relationship. They had consumed the values of purity and candor, as well as tenderness, caresses and kisses. He no longer loved, but demanded. He would no longer kiss but bit, he wanted the blood to run. And when violence is not stopped, then the next step is death. One day, he believed that he saw her, but he was no longer seeing right. He was so disturbed that his morbid mind and sick passion chose a moment and became a dagger. In that ominous moment, he turned her into his eternal victim. He buried his dagger in her heart while absurdly repeating: “I loved you”
We have heard about so many cases like this. Inner violence is an evil of infernal proportions. More innocent victims die every day than war casualties.
What is happening? Maybe we have not being taught that love does not mean only possession.
Love is understanding, patience, tolerance and renewed love on a daily basis.
Place a flower in front of your heart and take care of it daily, but do not turn it into the sun of your day, because you will not see the flower, instead you will be blinded by an unreal passion.
Walk slow because the boat of love is not in a hurry to reach the other shore. Its art is to navigate in eternity. Do not turn tenderness and the path into a loan. If you reclaim too high interest, your love will fill with avarice.
Love is a seed where a wonderful plant lives, that make us all human beings, children of a true home, where there is no violence and where things are not imposed by aggression but rather by the finest consideration.
Love is vast and profound like the sea. It has a lot of inner life, that renovates and re-invents. It is pure and crystalline water where we can submerge without doubts and fears. Let’s not follow the example of that man, who out of desperation, of the terrible disease of jealousy, that became violence and with that dagger that he used on his beloved and he also buried the cold death in himself.
But our story will not have a tragic end. We will transform that vision of darkness with the magic of writing. Let’s go back to the moment in which the man was with his beloved and when his ghosts were being untied and his terrible jealousy started. Let’ go back…
When that man heard his beloved confusing his name. In that moment, instead of allowing his mind to become perturbed and the whole situation to turn into an ugly reality. In that moment and with great care, he asked her: “Who are you calling? And she answered with great serenity: ” It is that you are like my beloved toy” And what could have become a nightmare, was only a reason
to laugh.
Let’s take care and let’s cultivate serenity and peace. Be like an expert captain. When the sea turns agitated and enraged, he keeps the calm, because he knows that after turmoil, serenity returns.


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