You are that Child. Inspirational Short Story.

 We find evil watching Good and thinking: “I am going to see how to hurt this one, since he wears neither shield nor glove, and will not be able to defend himself with a sword. I will not say much, just enough to confuse him.” Then, he appeared in front of Good and said:

“Have you realized the progress that science has made? Nowadays, there is more awareness about art and debate. It is much better to kill one hundred than one; and even better not to leave any witness.” And evil looking at Good added: “Answer me! What do you think? Is not all this a great progress?”
And Good answered: “The limits must not be used as parameters to be able to mature in life. And the perspective must not be lost. Science, sometimes is cold and although seems to be productive, not always accompanies man, not even to have a good death. It is true that there is more technology but man is more than science and violence, which are never the solution. The reason is that although you may feel victorious, you have stained your blood with the blood of others; and these others are always in you. Good believes, knows and understands that the universe is not a separated group but rather the unity that is spiritually integrated. And instead of death and chaos, we must believe in prayer, which is a science with consciousness.” And evil said : ” You do not believe in science, you do not believe or respect the progress. What would you rather have? the peace of the sword? the time of the cannons? the violence or the political, even the religious differences that generate morbid things that only death can substitute.? Otherwise, you know how man is, always looking to kill and to die, as the solution. Don’t you think that is much better the misfortune of a few, so many others can be happy?”

And Good answered: ” I know that you do not understand, that you do not appreciate, you do not comprehend and you do not care whether the child who cries is yours or mine, whether is from here, from there or from afar. That child who is crying must not cry. That child is not yours or mine. That child belongs to all and must not cry.” 

 Evil left and Good looked at him and said these few words: ” That child: You do not realize that you are that child, that I am that child.”



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