Healing, Inspirational Quotes for Reflection


The one who shares his table,
already has learned about greatness.


The one who fish for himself,
will eat in loneliness.
The one who fish in order to share,
will see his family grow.


How poor is the one who has in abundance
and does not know how to share
but the one who is poor and knows
how to share is in truth, the richest.


The water that you give to others to drink,
will satiate yourself,
but the water that you do not share,
will never satiate yourself.


When we are able to serve,
then, we are able to live also.
Many human beings exist but very few live.


There are some who think
that they don’t have anything to Give.
But every intention, every thought
that generates a noble action,
is truly a treasure of great value.
Since the true wealth is the inner one.


The man who serves, carries more grace
than the one who receives since in order to give,
the heart must be full and this plenitude is the true grace.


To offer, to surrender, to serve are true ties
where we forge the spiritual circulation
among the heart of man and the presence of Love.
The inner life rejoices in humility and compassion
since the spirit of life is in us.




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