Meditation. Truth

The man was meditating with a sincere desire of finding truth, but then, at a certain moment he had a doubt since he had studied that it was necessary to transmute the desire, to suppress it and not to give it any space, but he found himself desiring, he wanted to improve and to advance to be able to understand the incomprehensible and to know sciences and arts beyond his reason, intelligence and that, which he considered his own spirit.
The truth seemed to come closer and to go away, at the same time; this man had studied so many things, that he no longer knew if he was escaping from life with the hope of not reincarnating or maybe with the accumulation of so much wisdom he wanted to live life with the intensity that life was eternal. But after thinking and thinking he discovered the fundamental contradictions, he also recognized that many doctrines are based on fear and not in reality and then he started wondering about what the reality was and also, what he was and where he would go and he reached the conclusion that we live in the mystery between light and darkness, truth and lie, life and death, between the relative and the absolute and that man may be a synthesis of heaven and earth, that the doctrines are landmarks and myths, reflections and thoughts of great and small individuals who wanted to demonstrate by trying to demonstrate to themselves that they knew the truth but that the only truth, most fragile but most apparent, most delicate, as well as wonderful, is the one of the own present, then, the man realized that is not necessary to meditate further on, but rather to meditate more here.
What do we do in the present world to sharpen our conscious reality and to be firm in sincerity and peace, in order to live enamored with life? And with this final reflection, he expressed a smile and then he knew that meditation had given its fruit, the smile was his own soul and thus, he began to know her.
Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell


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