To come across with the Powers

This is one of the most fascinating and delicate chapters, at the same time. 
When the mind discovers that doesn’t have limits,when time and space fit in the hole of the hand, when man can become as small as a grain of sand, 
or expand and touch the stars, or even embrace the universe itself. However, this is a very. ..very … short instant in the path, certainly magic, certainly extraordinary, tremendously real, but so delicate, so carefully sensitive because it can be confused:
The magic of the power and the wonderful glory of true wisdom.
The key of all this achievement of powers is in the art of the total concentration and this is explained as instruction and example: We only perceive through our ego, before which and by which, the all and the nothing acquire through us
the gift of being even our own experience, therefore, we always have the capacity to be and not to be, to do or not to do, to act or not to act, 
therefore the first power is:
That of being free or that of being slave of ourselves.
Starting from this principle, 
the human mind is the author of the same existence.
Let us reflect and we will understand that nothing is outside of our only and own reality and this is the way of the power, very large and very pompous, but in the spiritual life truly…truly…only a dream that will have to pass to the extent that we can grow and truly be in communion with: The only truly, powerful, immutable and perfect: 
The Love of God.
Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell
Mystic Healing Art


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