The Man Facing the Cliff

There was a man facing a cliff looking how the sea was hitting the rocks; it was late at night, the moon was showing in the sky and that man said: ” My love, my love, you deceived , you abandoned me, and I cannot go on living like this. And when he was ready to jump down, a very beautiful woman appeared and asked him: ” Are you going to kill yourself?” And he answered:
” I don’t know who you are but don’t try to stop me, I am desperate and don’t want to go on living. Please, go away and don’t look back.” But she didn’t, instead she came closer and said almost in his ear: ” Don’t worry about me, I understand you.” Then, the man asked her.
“Are you maybe a physician or another suicide?” And she said:
” Physician, suicide? ha, ha, ha.”
She seemed to fill everything and then the clouds seemed to open, everything became brighter and that woman seemed to shine. And he told her: ” I don’t know who you are but you cannot stop me, I will jump now.” She answered:
” Jump, do it now, I have been waiting for a while, go ahead and jump and soon you will be in my arms.” Her voice was so deep and delicate at the same time that the man was startled and turned to see her and for an instant he thought that he was seen his beloved but then he realized that this woman was more beautiful, her eyes more deep and captivating and as lightning all memory of his beloved was erased and the man shouting said.
“Who are you?” She looked at him in a deeper way and said: ” Don’t you know? I am your true beloved who has come to your rendezvous that will culminate with our eternal idyll. I am Death, jump now and let’s travel to eternity.”
But the startled man, run away from the cliff , he run as fast as the wind and he arrived to his town early in the morning in time to see her former love. She was getting out of her house and she looked at him and he looked at her, while laughing inside and thinking I was going to kill myself because of you, ha, ha, ha. Now instead, I am going to live at least, one hundred years because of you. And that man never suffered again.

Mystic Healing Art


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