The Eternal Present. The Ultimate Reality

There is a higher sky, even than the far away star, where silence, depth and eternal calm leave, in the vast infinity, where shadow, doubt, confusion, do not longer exist. Reality and dreams, unite there, thought is transcended. Consciousness exists and is unlimited, even of herself.
This dwelling is incomprehensible for human thought but not for the heart and much less for True Love. This dimension is eternity where pain and ignorance cease and the absence of God dies forever.
To reach this place is necessary to have been born again and this means from the Spirit. This, is the man who has left personal interest and has taken interest in the universal life but this is done, beyond thought, beyond wants, not as passing enthusiasm, but with eternal conviction., because true light has open the spiritual eyes, and he has known enlightenment, the real and absolute fact of been recognized and loved by the grace of the True God.
This place in infinity, is not far away or near of the already, awaken and enlightened spirit, but rather is, the eternal place of the enamored heart, enamored of God.

Mystic Healing Art


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