How to Overcome the Fear of Failure

Success and failure are two antagonistic, important energies, which are developed through our capacity of self Love and they are the origin of either success or failure.

The method to overcome fear is acceptance, and this acceptance has to do with forgiveness for ourselves and for others. Since, very deep inside of us, a child has been living. This child, needs a support, which maybe, never received. Maybe what he experienced instead, was scorn, rejection and humiliation. This is the reason that the great fears come from this region.

We have to approach this child with great Love for ourselves. And, then, to realize that we also deserve success and progress. And that we have to love and be loved.
Then, those fears that were as chains tying us, will break and our hands will be free, our heart will experience Peace, our purpose will be firm, constant, diligent, showing initiative. Our hands and our life will fill as if full of flowers, of joy, and happiness because we will start to see that the good that we spread is the good that we gather.


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