Archetypes. For Reflection

Science is only the veil of reality since there is always something beyond, so deep that is related to time, space, light and darkness. Of this substance arises the original mind which is all and nothing. Here I tell its history, origin, destination, its reason and its way.

Therefore, the light is the law, the rule, the norm; and its only possible real application is the living word since It is. Because of this commitment, life is a pact of reciprocity, order, balance and justice. The light is then the original archetype of life. Life supports itself by the order. This is known as the natural good. And what is against the order is the evil, which consists of disobeying the law.

It has been erroneously believed that good and evil are two complementary opposites, but is not like that; in the theory of the complementary opposites, the idea is to reach the equilibrium because there is interdependence and promotion since one gives way to the other and both balance.

This is the reason that there is no possible commitment, balance and truce, since they are not only truly absolutist but simply that good and evil cannot coincide.
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