The Wisdom of the Madman on Loneliness

The townspeople got together with the learned men of the town to ponder over profound subjects. They were thinking that they knew a great deal compared to the others, that they were learned men and the rest were ignorant. And they decided to find a simple uncomplicated theme to see who could explain it better. And they decided to choose
” Loneliness”
Many eloquent speakers were attending and they spoke and spoke incessantly. They would speak with philosophical attitude and posture: ” Loneliness is a mountain, it is the winter cold. Loneliness is the depth of the sea.”
And they were applauded by many but in truth, they all wanted to be heard and applauded.
The turn finally came for the Madman, because his presence was always requested since they all wanted to make fun of him. And he said: ” The mountain is accompanied by the trees, by the light of the day and also by the stars. The depth of the sea is accompanied by the cold, by the fearsome darkness. The winter is accompanied by heavy coats, by the crying of old people and children who cannot find with what to cover themselves. Then, nothing of those to me is loneliness. To me, loneliness is to be here reunited with so many indifferent persons who do not want to listen to anybody but themselves. To me, that is loneliness, a world where union is not cultivated but its opposite. “When the townspeople and learned men heard those words, they said: ” That man is crazy.” And he answered: ” In truth, we all are lonely in this place.”
From the “Wisdom of the Madman” by Oscar Basurto Carbonell
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