How to Mend a Broken Heart

I found out something surprising yesterday and it was a mixture of all that cannot be mixed; the experience was very intense, it was as happiness and pain at the same time. Finally, I understood something that I would like to share.
I thought that I had found a great feeling and said to myself: ” This is great” but it happened that I was turned down. I tried again and was turned down again. And filled with courage and conviction, I went back. And I was turned down for the third time. I tried to understand what was happening? I built my hopes up for somebody with a heart of stone and then, I could understand that the stone is just a stone, it cannot give more or less than the stone gives. And my conclusion was that at times, we keep trapped to an idea and we want the situation to be our own way and we do the planning but it just does not happen: The sun does not come out at night. The withered flower will not be fresh as before. Then, it will be better to plant the seed and harvest the fruit and not to keep living in a fantasy.
Things are as they are and we have to accept them, then we will be sure, otherwise, we will go up the mountain and try to use wings to fly but we will fall because we were not born to fly. The experience was happy and painful but I could understand that although there are limits, they don’t limit me, they guide me to the safe path. If I try to change things, if I try to change the persons, they will not be themselves. It is much better to understand than to dream too much, expecting too much. But I will not cease living, instead, I will appreciate more what I have and not have, but not to force things but rather to flow among them. That is what I understood.
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