The Great Expansion Inside

I looked at the sky and I saw a great expansion. I looked at the horizon and could not find its end, I approached the sea, threw a stone, it sank and I did not know how far down it went. I went up the mountain and saw that there were others that were higher. I looked down from the top of the mountain and the altitude made me shudder.
I have seen so many distances, so much vastness that have moved me. How great is the all ! How vast is the universe ! How deep ! How complex !
But, when I looked inside myself, that is to say, to the inner silence, that universe that seemed so big to me, in a mysterious way, becomes smaller. There is something bigger than what is big, deeper than what is deep. And it is not outside, it is inside each one of us. But I think that it is only the beginning of something that goes beyond words, that is capable of joining the all and the nothing and is as a wonderful brightness.
And then, I realized that is not internal, that is not external, that it is everywhere.
To God be all the Glory
School of Spiritual Healing


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