How to Love God

I once listened to a person saying that to ask God for something, was a personal prayer. By example: To ask that everything goes in the right way in my work. Not to have accidents. To make a sale. To find what I lost.
This person was saying that prayer has to do with asking and establishing a form of communication. Nevertheless, this is untrue. God can’t be conditioned in any way. The relationship with God is without time and space, without interchange of possessions. I can’t make my relationship with God conditional to whether I want a new car or a new pair of designer shoes. That is not the right way.The right way is to realize the genuine Love and not to use the term indifference because Love is always interested in Love. I can say that Love will always bring and carry something good. But this good is not the beginning and the end. It is one of the most genuine and with a noble interest. One good example of this love is the love for our children, which is not only responsible and giving but also is a tender and sweet love, which understands, accepts and even in the good sense of the word, also tolerates. We find in this love many similar points of spiritual characteristics.Then, let’s go to the matter: How to love God? How to love God above all things, with all the strength and power of our being? Here is the secret:The love that God looks for, is the love that is loyal, that is witness of the vision which arises from a heart in the process of purification. In this human heart has been found the understanding and the grace of appreciating not only the good but also the origin of the good. In its most complete and absolute synthesis is the gratitude for life, as much personal as universal. As much as the inner as the outer life, in a life of awareness, discernment, understanding and appreciation, which recognizes with faithfulness, what God gives.
The love to God comes from gratitude. It is also a commitment and the highest degree of loyalty and fidelity.
But which God? It is not the one of the image, neither the one of the power or the riches. It is the joy of life, and not only of life but also its origin.
“God, Father, i love You, because You have given me life. Because You are the Creator, because nothing exists but Your Word. You are the maker of justice and good. How not to believe in You, how not to Love You, if you are Love Itself.”
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