Meditation can transform Our Lives

Meditation can change many things, it can transform our lives and it certainly can make better persons out of us. All this is due to the fact that we can realize the Truth and this is a gradual, but very serious and consistent process. Soon, we will be discovering if we really are sincere with ourselves, if indeed we want to change, to have peace and above all, to be a source of love and inspiration. Meditation, then, it’s directly related to self-criticism, which is a constructive process to understand ourselves and also to understand others. It is possible that in occasions we enter in contradiction, but the important thing will be of course, to find our weakest points, going beyond the superficial analysis and besides, to be able to communicate, since man often lives too much in the fantasy and he needs to have a real and practical spirituality. Although to meditate is not properly to analyze, meditation will take us to a clearer conscience, in harmony and peace. Let’s look for in meditation not a reason for isolation but as a source of universal love.
Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell


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