The Best is still to Come. Spiritual Narration

This is the story of a small family who worked during several years and were able to build a beautiful house, small but practical, where they had all the necessary things. It happened that the family went on a trip and when they came back they found that while they were gone, their house caught fire and had become rubble and ashes. When the family saw what had happened, they became very sad and this was the reason that they were late to their jobs and -since this was one of those strange days, their employers, told them: ” We don’t care about your personal problems.” And they were fired. Since they didn’t have where to go, they decided to get out of the city and to travel in a ship, but when they arrived, they were told, ” To take this ship, you need to have reservations in advance -three days ahead, so you can’t take it.” Then, they decided to travel by train and when they arrived to the station, they were told, ” This is the heavy season and there is no space left for you.”
Then, feeling completely lost, they decided to keep walking out of the city, but in their path, they found several hounds, ready to attack them, thus, they had to run and hide in a nearby mountain. The path was very difficult but they finally found a cave and decided to spend the night there.
But they were sadly surprised when they found the cave be filled with serpents, so they had to keep climbing the mountain but a big rainfall started, making the walls of the mountain very slippery so they had to climb to the top and when the afternoon came, they stayed watching the lights of the city. But to their surprise and horror, they saw that first a very heavy rain followed by a strong lightning hit the city, starting several fires that burned and completely disappeared the city.
The next morning, the city was only ashes, the storm had been so powerful that
also hit the ship and many scattered pieces could be seen from the top of the mountain since during the night the ship crashed against the rocks and all the passengers disappeared. Besides, the train, due to the heavy winds, derailed and nobody survived. But they had another surprise, since the mountain suffered because of the heavy rain some parts became loose and when this happened, they could see that there was a hidden treasure inside and they found a great fortune in a chest.
Then they realized that although everything seemed to be lost when they looked back they found that if they had sailed the ship they would have been shipwrecked, if they had taken the train, they would also have died. The serpents made them keep climbing. The strong rainfall made them climb to the top, where they did not want to go. If they would have kept their jobs, they would have disappeared with the rest of the townspeople.
There are mysteries and things that we can’t decipher, we might even feel and think that we can’t do any worse, but then, we see that after all, the best is still to come. What a luck, my bad luck, since it might seem as death, but in spite of everything, I always, always return to live.

Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell


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