The True Resource. Inspirational. Healing Quotes

It is true that in the world we can see plants and animals dying of thirst, their white washed bones completely withered, made us understand that the final time have arrived.
This scenario as well as others  where we may see ourselves falling into an abyss, or moments before a fatal accident, or being mutilated by a bomb, captured and tortured by the enemy, abandoned in miserable conditions, bleeding to death, from a fatal wound, whether of the body or of the feelings, or deceived, rejected by society, or from those beings whom we trusted but all this turned into deceive, falseness, scandals and slander.
It might be that we are facing the bitter weeping, the hardest rejection,we may be  on our knees, slapped, stamped on, without illusions, depressed. It might be that we feel so much pain that we can’t even breathe. The suffering may be so unbearable, heartbreaking and even humiliating. It may be that we feel that it is better to die one thousand times.
We may be living such horrendous things, that we might think that we are going mad, that nobody can suffer as much as us. This desperation and discouragement may be because of the loss of a loved one, death may have taken from us the being for whom, we lived, dreamed and had planned to live with.
Everything may seem chaotic and evil. Without hope, the doors are closed, heaven turned into bronze and earth is cold, dry and hurtful. Our feet and hands bleed , our tears are bloody red, our heart agonizes with the hardest tortures, even cruelest that we imagined.
We may have the greatest deception of life, we may have been made fun of , deceived, turned into scum. We may even curse ourselves, thinking that we may be to blame for what is happening or for our behavior and we may even carry the natural affront of guilt.
We may feel as assassins, persecuted  by justice and soon to be captured, these situations may happen and even more.
And when everything seems to be lost, there is a resource for man that will not free him from guilt nor from the inner suffering but this resource may transform everything and turn this into the biggest miracle, the most extraordinary and wonderful happening. This resource  begins with crying out asking for forgiveness from God, the supreme Creator.
 -Inspirational Writings and Art to Nourish Your Soul, by Oscar Basurto Carbonell

One thought on “The True Resource. Inspirational. Healing Quotes

  1. Indeed, too much are we occupied with issues of guilt and selfish salvation instead of turning our attention to the True Source – the Supreme – and ask for His transforming powers, not only for us personally, but for the whole creation around us.

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