The Wounded Dove

I recently found a wounded dove, I realized that she was unable to fly, so I picked her up with great care and attention and I could see in her eyes, tenderness and some hope. She seemed that she had not been able to eat for some time, she was weak and with a broken right wing.
Suddenly, I was thinking about my home, how could I restore, recover my home?
That dove got well and after some days, she was able to fly, and she let me thinking:
“You now can reach the sky again, your noble heart knew to appreciate the tenderness and care. I will have that same effort and dedication to restore my home, to bring peace and love in the family and I trust that some day soon, I will be able to extend my wings and with them, to reach the heaven of light and Love, which form the totality of my home. God knows what He does, that wounded dove, taught me how to cure and restore my home. ”

-Art and Teachings to Nourish Your Soul, based on the works of Oscar Basurto Carbonell
The Gift of Collaboration: Translation Project
Art to Support People: A Project for You
Zen Art Gallery Online
The Gallery welcomes and invites you to see its fine Art Collection by Oscar Basurto Carbonell.
The Gallery is conveniently located on the Bird Road Art District in Miami, Florida -Shown by appointment only-
Request your appointment by email
or by phone 786 353 2951
-Art Reps are Welcome
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