When Nobody Listens to You

When no one listens to you, when you don’t get attention, don’t you think that Love has forgotten you, don’t you think that -not even for a moment, because although it was your last minute and a murderer bullet has hurt life and life has turned into death, don’t think that I have left you.

Even if you don’t understand, and you feel sad and pain, although Faith and Hope have abandoned you, I can’t abandon you, I will never abandon you.

Keep this Secret of Love inside you, keep this tiny seed of light, which is small but is the path of eternity, I Love you, and I will never leave you, because I am Eternity.


-Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell
Art and Teachings to Nourish Your Soul
His Healing Touches share meaningful information and resources to support you in your life and spiritual journey. Please visit his website and subscribe to receive the updates offered weekly!
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