How to Love an Impossible Love

How to love an impossible love? How to love the one who rejects, offends, ignores, despises us? The one who is like fire that you will not be able to approach because she will burn you for sure.

How to love a love who is like a lioness ready to attack? How to love a love who is like a dagger, decided to be buried in your heart? How to love a love who is like deadly snakes, like a path filled with scorpions?

Well, that love will be loved like the bottom of the sea, like the distant star in the darkness of infinity, knowing that it exists but that it can never be felt or touched. You must love, in spite of everything, but not with an idealistic love that would turn into melancholy, but with a realistic, conscious love; and the only way of loving will always be, ever and forever, to love each day more.







How to Love God

I once listened to a person saying that to ask God for something, was a personal prayer. By example: To ask that everything goes in the right way in my work. Not to have accidents. To make a sale. To find what I lost.
This person was saying that prayer has to do with asking and establishing a form of communication. Nevertheless, this is untrue. God can’t be conditioned in any way. The relationship with God is without time and space, without interchange of possessions. I can’t make my relationship with God conditional to whether I want a new car or a new pair of designer shoes. That is not the right way.The right way is to realize the genuine Love and not to use the term indifference because Love is always interested in Love. I can say that Love will always bring and carry something good. But this good is not the beginning and the end. It is one of the most genuine and with a noble interest. One good example of this love is the love for our children, which is not only responsible and giving but also is a tender and sweet love, which understands, accepts and even in the good sense of the word, also tolerates. We find in this love many similar points of spiritual characteristics.Then, let’s go to the matter: How to love God? How to love God above all things, with all the strength and power of our being? Here is the secret:The love that God looks for, is the love that is loyal, that is witness of the vision which arises from a heart in the process of purification. In this human heart has been found the understanding and the grace of appreciating not only the good but also the origin of the good. In its most complete and absolute synthesis is the gratitude for life, as much personal as universal. As much as the inner as the outer life, in a life of awareness, discernment, understanding and appreciation, which recognizes with faithfulness, what God gives.
The love to God comes from gratitude. It is also a commitment and the highest degree of loyalty and fidelity.
But which God? It is not the one of the image, neither the one of the power or the riches. It is the joy of life, and not only of life but also its origin.
“God, Father, i love You, because You have given me life. Because You are the Creator, because nothing exists but Your Word. You are the maker of justice and good. How not to believe in You, how not to Love You, if you are Love Itself.”
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The Grace of Divine Love

The existence is a succession of events in which we often think that we do not have the due control. But this is not necessarily correct. We all would like to have been able to avoid many circumstances in life, to the extent that if we could go back in time, we would completely change our attitude. Nevertheless, the things at that moment, got out of control and proportion. We have to reflect about those situations and realize that we had the option to make things different, but everything happened too fast and seems that we lost control.
This happens because we are living without a method and without planning. And we truly must use our mind to create the ideal and appropriate conditions for a different destiny, when the time comes. This does not mean that we remain doing nothing siince for the spiritual person, the most important method of development and progress is not only the analysis, but the method of conscious prayer.

What is this about? In principle, faith is a fundamental and invariable element. And we must consider prayer as a very practical and effective practice.
Faith is spiritual nourishment, sustained in the doctrine of peace, love, justice, liberation and grace. We have to see that our lives, interests, and purpose are not opposed to faith. It does not matter whether we apparently lose great opportunities. Faith, is a personal declaration of God, by which, we are declared saved, redeemed and in His Presence.

Nothing that comes from the world, can give us that. Therefore, we must never look for other methods of life because although in appearance, we will obtain success, this will quickly turn into misfortunes.

Faith is cultivated in the action and in prayer, in the study and reflection and in the active participation with a spiritual community, which is the whole humanity. In other words, the universe is our field of action.

We have to consider destiny as the expression of our spiritual work. And for this reason we must be strengthened in the spiritual communion with purity, harmony, sanctity and spiritual testimony. Then in the mystery of faith, we will change but we will not stop the action since we will find us again from a conscious present to a future, reaching this by the communion of the spiritual grace.

What is the meaning of this? The spiritual meaning is that we surrender to the doctrine of faith but we do not leave our action, that we deepen in the mystery of spiritual grace, which feels, creates, knows and recognizes that life is not by chance. But that there is order and full destiny for the one who cultivates real love. From this, comes the glorification in the Spirit, which means strengthening of the heart, which means Peace of the Spirit.

The time that is coming is a time of revival. And although we always trust in the will of God, we have to actively participate and not only to trust without doing nothing. But we must trust in a spiritual ministry of positive, affirmative action, declaring in our heart and life, the grace of Divine Love.
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How to Love

Love is such a beautiful word, with so many extraordinary attributes. Unfortunately most are unknown. And this is not to form a long ugly chain of criticism, but to contribute something very clear and simple to learn and appreciate.
God is blessing and this means plenitude of life and for a better understanding -of blessing and plenitude of life- we have to specify that they mean, self respect and respect for others; and the quality of life and its plenitude are derived from this. The spiritual greatness that we may reach can never be far from humility since Love always gives from Himself : Tenderness, care, conscientiousness.
 He does not procrastinate, does not refuse, does not forsake. Love is permanent presence of exquisite sensibility, since Love is loyalty and attention.
 When we Love, we become absorbed with the Beloved and we learn to flow in the glory and perfect harmony, which becomes eternal path of solidarity, loyalty and fidelity with what is good. Love does not force, Love delivers and is full of wisdom. Love is profound and always joyful because every moment of Love creates more Love for the one who gives and the one who receives.  Therefore, the loyalty of Love is a spiritual experience of human growth and Divine realization. Much has been said about soul mates but every soul is twin with what is good, every soul is twin to fidelity, to selflessness and to friendship.
 Love is neither lukewarm, faint, casual, nor indifferent, lacking enthusiasm, generosity or even desire. On the contrary, Love is the only bridge, the only way between the creature and the Creator, between man and his fellow beings. To learn to Love, we have to be conscious of the Universal Love, which is not the love who only uses, gets satisfied, and leaves, abandons, afterwards.
Love is wonderful essence, renovated in the hope of becoming whole, pure and perfect in Love.