The Most Valuable Treasure. Inspirational Short Story

Once upon a time, all beings were summoned  to a very special place of the universe,  with the purpose of finding the most valuable treasure. People came from different places, with various and great pretensions. They all wanted to be the winner and to show off their power and wealth.

There were some who brought gold, others brought arms, science and technology. While others brought titles and properties. This event lasted for many months, and was so great, that it practically took all the attention of the universe. Everyone was commenting about the event and all the spectators were asking themselves: What will be the most valuable treasure? What will be the greatest power?

 Then, like coming from nowhere, an unknown man appeared. He was rather humble and dressed in a very simple tunic. His face was calmed and his step was quiet. But this man brought nothing in his hands, he was not carrying any apparent treasure. Those, who were in charge of the event and the general public were watching him, with arrogance and scorn. Then, when they saw him so fragile and helpless, they decided to make fun of him. And they said: ” The last man from earth, has come, let’s see what important thing,  he brings”. While, mockingly they were commenting between themselves: “We can see that he has no class or foundation”  And they put the man in front of everyone, they call the judges, mainly the wisest, even the oldest and they said: ” Maybe, you have not realized that there are kingdoms, valuable jewels, gold objects, great instruments of science and of great value, shown in front of you. What can you bring? Are you crazy, perhaps? Or maybe, your ignorance, does not allow you to see? Speak, once and for all, so we can laugh and then, we can choose the most valuable treasure” And the man spoke in front of the multitude. There was total silence. And his words sounded like pearls falling, like angelical harps. And he said:  ” My brothers, judge for yourselves, because I have not come to show off or for personal glory, but to share something with you, that is really valuable” And then, he opened his tunic and he showed his naked chest. While saying simultaneously:

 “There is a heart here that loves you. And by this Love, I wish you all, Peace. You can have great wealth , wonderful powers, but if there is no Peace, then, there is nothing. Peace be always with you. Because is the glory of Love and is the presence of God in your hearts”

And then, he stopped. And if there was total silence before, now it was even deeper. And then, the oldest and wisest of all the judges rose and said: ” It is very certain, what you just said. How ignorant, we all have been! True wealth is not found in power, or in control, but just as you said: True wealth is Love, which is eternal, true, and which is the promised Peace. You, certainly are the most powerful and the richest man on earth” And soon, the man answered: ” So be it. But the power is not mine, since everything comes from God. And my knowledge occurs because of my trust in Him” And the rich, and the powerful and all the persons, inclined in front of him. Then, arrogance left and Truth was revealed: “There is no wealth, if there is no Peace.”


Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell




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